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£3.1 Million UK Lottery Winner Buys Son 200 Cigarettes, Gets Sued

A lottery jackpot-winning dad in britain didn’t make his son that is grown too with exactly what he bought him together with his winnings recently

Winning a lottery isn’t always since lucky them apart, it is the tale of William Robertson and his lottery jackpot-winning father, Alex Robertson as it appears based on mounds of empirical evidence and if ever there was evidence that money can take relationships and tear.

Alex, age 58 and from Scotland, was the lucky champion of a £3.1m ($4.8 million) Euromillions jackpot as part of a syndicate of 12 bus drivers, who all shared the £38m ($59 million) award. But rather than sharing his fortune that is good with 35-year-od son William, the dad simply bought him 200 cigarettes together with winnings. Understandably, their son was a little disgruntled as of this action.

As a result, William wound up allegedly harassing his dad through text messages as he obviously wanted higher than a few cigarettes. Perhaps a platinum that is nice could have done the trick?

Arrested Developing

William Robertson ended up being arrested after his daddy stated that the text messages had become threatening, but walked free recently after Alex failed to turn up at court to hold out of the charges. Instead, he is reportedly residing it into the Spanish resort of Benidorm, where he now resides with their partner Morag.

‚The allegation is one of harassment,‘ explained William’s defense attorney Paul Harkins. ‚It takes the shape of three text messages which were sent on September 25 last 12 months. The prosecution state they amount to harassment; we say they do not.‘

Harkins proceeded to add that Alex for who cash is obviously no longer an object decided never to board a flight so that you can come straight back for the court date. He also claims that Alex has been around contact together with son and has invited him to the resort that is spanish.

‚He invited him to Spain, to the regional pub and covered the taxi,‘ Harkins maintained. ‚ This is the man who talks about being ‚petrified‘ of William Robertson, can’t leave the homely house, is up till 3 am because he can’t sleep and has now turned to drink.‘

It appears as though a family which may have settled their distinctions with a heart-to-heart has wound up involving the courts needlessly.

‚One would imagine the cross-examination that will have been placed to him to see if he could have been harassed by three text messages that were sent on September 25th,‘ claimed Harkins, suggesting that the lottery winner’s argument was possibly a little exaggerated.

Case Dismissed with No-Show Dad

‚The case against you is dismissed and you could leave the court,‘ said chairman of the bench Angus Ferris to William Robertson, who refused to comment following the dismissal.

Earlier this season William’s brother, Alex Robertson Jr., aged 36, told exactly how the family members had been ‚ripped apart‘ by his daddy’s lottery win, and he would not receive a penny of the money although his father’s exact way of delivering the frugal news was slightly more colorful in language that he himself had even gone so far as to attack his father’s vehicle with a hammer when he was told.

Whatever the outcome, attacking a vehicle having a hammer would appear to be much more threatening than three texting, no matter what those messages actually said. But possibly now the household will start rebuilding following a deal that is great of has been caused to both edges.

Cambodian Online Gambling Arrests as Police Storm Villas

More than 60 individuals were arrested in Phnom Penh in Cambodia recently, as authorities cracked down on Internet gambling.

Capital city Phnom Penh had been the scene of police raids to bust Cambodian gambling that is online happening in three villas recently. Authorities moved in and made a lot more than 60 arrests; the perpetrators were a bouillabaisse of Cambodians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Thais and Vietnamese, forming a veritable Asian United Nations of illegal gambling ops. a source that is anonymous Cambodia Daily that numerous computers inside the villas gave gamblers otherwise unobtainable access to international video gaming sites that are currently blocked by the Cambodian government for citizens.

Evidently, the government that is cambodian getting serious about putting the kaibosh on this kind of activity; they are holding the suspects imprisoned in an effort to reach the base of exactly what games are now being parlayed online by these operators. One unidentified security guard for the outfit (apparently of low quality at his job) has already fessed up that the sites offered the undercover gamblers ‚many different kinds of games, including gambling on football.‘

Military Ops Brought In

Interestingly, an actual military device was brought in to conduct the raids, headed by Cambodian Major General Y Sokkly, who normally heads up anti-terrorism operations. With zero background in cracking online gambling rings, Sokkly and his henchmen may not really know exactly what concerns to get to the bottom of the situation that is whole.

Also more odd: online gambling is not also technically illegal in Cambodia. And, like countless of their brethren that are asian other nations, Cambodians like to gamble, and on just about anything; but particularly on sports. Due to this reality, numerous unsanctioned sports books have actually been popping up all over, but particularly around Poipet, a specially designated ‚economic zone‘ that boundaries Thailand, and that encompasses the new Dreamworld Club, that is part of Entertainment Gaming Asia.

The application of an anti-terrorism squad could mean curtains for a few major online sites that are partially operating out of Phnom Penh. Both operated under the umbrella of Creative Entertainment Ltd., the technically https://casino-online-australia.net/indian-dreaming-slot-review/ Curaçao-licensed internet sites savanvegas999.com and clubvegas999.com offer players the chance to play with real time dealers and in multiple language offerings, including Thai, Mandarin or English, with play emanating for actual land gambling enterprises that are situated in Laos‘ Savannakhet province, just across from the border that is cambodian.

Takedown or Shakedown?

And in addition, money is involved in this situation that is messy. Laotian authorities took over one among these brick-and-mortar casinos, Savan Las Vegas, last November, claiming that past owner Sanum Investments of Macau ended up being recalcitrant in paying some $23m in taxes and penalties due. Appears a complete lot like something the IRS would do, come to think of it; perhaps Major General Y Sokkly is studying their ‚whatever we wish is ours‘ approach to pay-up coercion.

Needless to state, Sanum saw things only a little differently. The business filed a lawsuit against the federal government of Laos with get ready for this mouthful the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes saying the takeover was little greater than a shakedown for mo‘ money, and that it mirrored a takeover that is similar of business’s profitable Thanaleng Slot Machine Club near Vientiane, Laos‘ capital. It seems the global World Bank has opened exactly what they call a ‚tribunal‘; are the losers burned at the stake? Nope; the version that is modern of witch trial is simply delaying procedures for many years and years.

Russian Casino Chimp Mascot Successfully Rehabilitated at Safari Park

John, A russian chimp, is now leading a happier life after kicking their smoking and booze addictions acquired as a casino mascot

While animal cruelty is still, sadly, all in a casino around us, we don’t expect to find it. Yet, this is actually the story of John, a mascot that is former Space certainly one of Russia’s leading casinos- who had been forced to develop into a nicotine and alcohol-addicted chimp for customers‘ ‚entertainment‘.

But it is not totally all news that is bad John, who may have arrived at a happier destination after being sent off to rehab so he could kick his addictions and live an even more tranquil life.

Chimp Became Mascot for Gamblers

John a chimpanzee picked up his vices that are unhealthy socializing at the area casino with celebrities and gamblers throughout his job, during which time he had been the poster boy for the casino, and often photographed alongside Soviet actors such as Leonid Bronevoy.

Eventually, in July 2009, employing chimps such roles thankfully became outlawed in Russia, and John was kept jobless, yet nevertheless addicted to both smoking and alcohol because of the sideshow-style mascot role in which he previously been placed for so long.

Moved up to a Safari Park

It was then that the owners of the casino searched high and low for the place that is perfect John, eventually finding the addicted chimpanzee a property at Gekendzhik Safari Park, located in the West Russia, in the hope that the keepers may help him kick his habits.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, site visitors at the safari park continued to throw lit cigarettes into John’s enclosure, encouraging him to continue to smoke. And as anyone who has tried to kick the habit will know, this type of temptation could be impractical to resist.

He additionally reportedly began stealing pints of alcohol from visitors, further fueling his ongoing addiction to alcohol too.

‚We saw this and attempted to avoid possible ‚gifts‘ but he still been able to drink and smoke,‘ explained deputy director at the Gekendzhik Safari Park, Peter Skorsky.

Sooner or later, the keepers at the safari park were forced to deliver John to the zoo’s own type of rehab, which will be comprised of a particularly built glass enclosure, at which point his diet was additionally changed radically.

New exercise equipment was also introduced to aid John begin to reside the more athletic, active life which is connected with normal chimpanzees.

‚ We now have developed for him a special diet of fresh fruit and founded recreations equipment,‘ said Skorsky. ‚ Now he is full and cheerful of energy and I also think (he) was completely rehabbed, getting rid of bad habits.‘

Now, thanks to your efforts of this keepers at the safari park, John is well is on his method to recovery and leads a more healthy and active lifestyle.

But John is obviously not the very first chimpanzee to own developed a dependence on such substances as alcohol or nicotine, as Charlie, a chimpanzee at Bloemfontein Zoo in Southern Africa, became fabled for his habit of indulging within the cigarette that is odd.

Keepers at the South African zoo said that Charlie developed the addiction when visitors kept handing him cigarettes from exterior of his enclosure. However, despite his unhealthy vice, he apparently outlived the typical captive chimpanzee by about ten years.

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