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New Ham<span id="more-10300"></span>pshire Grapples with Impact of Possible Land Casino

A poker dealer lays out charity fundraiser competition chips at a Salem, N.H. makeshift casino; the brand New Hampshire legislature now wants to approve one land that is legitimate for the state (Image: VNews.com)

New Hampshire may have a reputation as a quiet, relaxed state where bed and breakfasts and a little skiing are about the most exciting happenings around, but that image could be about to change. With everybody else in the region accumulating their gambling industries, it seems as though the Granite State may be prepared to become listed on into the brick-and-mortar race and welcome a land casino of these own.

Representing the Future

In accordance with reports, over 100 representatives in the continuing state House of Representatives have actually signed on up to a bill that will welcome only one casino to their state of the latest Hampshire. That’s more than half the quantity of representatives that would need certainly to sooner or later vote for such a bill to pass the house.

The general public declaration ended up being meant as a sign of early strength for the bill. A total of 108 representatives publicly supported the bill, making up a group that is bipartisan of Democrats and 25 Republicans. A lot of those representatives also took part in a press conference to strongly show just how they felt about bringing casino gambling to New Hampshire.

‚We have momentum because we listened,‘ said Representative Katherine Rogers. ‚We heard the concerns of House members final springtime whom said we didn’t have the proper regulatory framework.‘

All Systems Go

The bill that is new concerns, giving their state lots of oversight over the casino bidding procedure and supplying money for issue gambling services. The bill will allow for just one casino, utilizing the permit for that casino going through a competitive bidding procedure. It would also create a fresh Hampshire video gaming commission that would oversee not only the casino, but also the lottery that is existing racing, and charitable gaming operations in the state.

‚There are major improvements that can certainly make sure expanded gambling would have been a good deal for the citizens of New Hampshire,‘ said Representative Jeremy Dobson.

Late this week, the House methods Committee held a hearing on the bill, called HB 1633. Supporters pointed out the economic benefits of a casino, saying it could make significant revenues without needing a wider taxation enhance. It would also be a source that is new of in a state that tends to lose young employees to other parts of the nation.

‚We are running out of time and energy to attract people to stay in New Hampshire and to here give people jobs,‘ said Diana Lacey, president of the State Employees‘ Association.

One concern raised at the hearing was the basic idea that casino gambling may not fit in using the current ‚brand‘ New Hampshire has in the minds of tourists and visitors.

‚We would not have such a chronic need for this revenue that we’re willing to put up with the burdens plus the price and the harm to our brand,‘ said Concord developer Steve Duprey. While some supporters pointed out that New Hampshire’s motto is ‚Live Free or Die‘ which will suggest that residents must be permitted to choose whether they desire to relax and play at a casino or perhaps not Duprey countered that the continuing state nevertheless had in order to make decisions by what’s right and acceptable for New Hampshire.

But other people disputed the branding claim. Pat Griffin, A new Hampshire resident who had worked in marketing and advertising for their state’s tourism industry, stated that 41 other states have some form of casino gambling, and that hasn’t impacted the majority of their brands. As an example, Colorado has 41 gambling enterprises, but is nevertheless understood for the mountains and skiing. One casino, he said, defintely won’t be the tipping point that modifications just what brand New Hampshire means to site visitors.

Toronto Man Wanted After Failure to Pay $12.9M to Las Vegas Casinos

A nomination that is new ‚World’s Dumbest Criminals‘ could be a Canadian man who reportedly owes the Venetian casino in Las Vegas and one other $12m in IOUs and is now AWOL and wanted

There are certainly a few items that can get you selected for ‚World’s Dumbest Criminal‘: robbing a bank with surveillance cameras everywhere, wanting to take a police vehicle, and many certainly towards the top of that list would be skipping out on major casino gambling debts. Not smart, not smart at all.

That’s what one Toronto high-roller is finding out after failing woefully to repay some $12.9 million in losses to two Las Vegas casinos, dating all the way back once again to 2008. Authorities are now seeking him out to file fees in the situation.

Not-Yet-Arrested Development

43-year-old Semion Kronenfeld is now named on a Clark County District Court arrest warrant, after having a grand jury indicted him on 12 counts of felony theft, writing bad checks, and obtaining cash under false pretenses. This puts Kronenfeld in a particular kind of stupid category, as it’s certainly one of the biggest casino that is unpaid situations ever in Nevada, and if convicted, the only place this Canadian will be rolling dice will likely be in the state penitentiary, perhaps for decades.

The Clark County indictment that has been handed straight down this week states that the high-roller failed to settle $7.9 million back in October of 2008 on IOUs made away to the casino that is venetian the Las Vegas Strip. Then, simply two weeks later, Kronenfeld presumably pulled a number that is similar the Stations Casino-owned Green Valley Ranch casino, located in Henderson, just outside of Las Vegas proper; he reportedly stiffed that property for $5 million.

Based on Nevada legislation, unrepaid casino IOUs are considered fraudulent checks. With a bounty that is prosecutorial of percent for ‚processing and prosecution‘ placed on any pre-trial settlements of these cases, many such incidents are placed to sleep without any charges being filed; obviously, who has not been the case right here, though.

Around this writing, Kronenfeld stays AWOL, according to prosecutor Jake Merback, who heads up Clark County’s bad check unit, and calls to Kronenfeld’s attorney in vegas, Craig Mueller, were not returned.

Kronenfeld’s case went public back 2009, at which point the Canadian had been placed in casino credit reports as having his or her own estate that is real company, based in Ontario. Apparently he also holds a passport that is israeli has been known to have multiple spellings of his last name, sometimes spelling it ‚Cronenfeld.‘

In Good Business with Other Big Losers

While enormous, Kronenfeld’s case is scarcely truly the only large bad-debt situation to strike Nevada’s gambling enterprises in recent years. One particular high-profile case included the former owner of chatchke-manufacturer Oriental Trading Co., Terrance ‚Terry‘ Watanabe, who was indicted in 2009 he failed to pay back (then) Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc (now Caesars Entertainment) in the amount of $14.75 million in IOUs after it was alleged. However, Watanabe counter-sued Harrah’s and a settlement for an amount that is undisclosed reached in July 2010.

And Watanabe isn’t the actual only real other gambler that is high-profile get caught without repaying their debts; notorious porn-purveyor Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame was also the subject of a IOU dispute with Wynn Resorts Int’l to the tune of $2.5 million. And NBA that is former All-Star Walker who pleaded bad before his case came to trial received a five years‘ probation phrase and had to fork over $770,000 in restitution.

Florida Faces Battle regarding the Bulging Wallets by Warring Casino Factions

It is a battle to the finish, with he who spends most having a good shot at winning, as casino and anti-casino factions face off in Florida (Image: istock)

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson often lobbies for casinos and sometimes lobbies against them (as in his massive anti-online campaign for yesteryear year); but whatever he does, he does it with gusto and players nightclub surfers paradise a whole load of cash. Therefore it should come as no surprise that his company is one of several casino that is major backing 100 lobbyists (well-armed with every politician’s favorite kind of homage: moolah) whose goal will be to place some pressure on Florida’s legislators regarding the Sunshine State’s stalled land gaming status.

Fighting for County Rights

Clearly, gambling outfits with something to gain are most enthusiastically behind this legislative posse’s funding; which puts Genting during the front side of the line; they have been hoping to get into the Miami beachfront market by having a Resorts World Miami project for a long time now without success. This could be the standoff of all standoffs: because very recently, top state lawmakers managed to make it clear that the complete issue of gambling in Florida is low on their importance totem pole this year.

Nonetheless, money talks and you understand what walks, so a week ago Florida’s Senate Gaming Committee chair Garrett Richter promised to introduce a fresh bill permitting two resort casinos that could go up in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. By way of amazing coincidence, those two spots just happen to be precisely where both Adelson’s Sands and Genting have been hoping to secure casino internet sites. And more good luck: Florida’s 60-day legislative session kicks off on March 4, so it’s all just in the nick of the time. Yessirree, Bob, those homage gift ideas can part the Red Sea when delivered over meal at A tallahassee that is fancy eatery it would appear.

Richter who only per week before was decrying how impossible it was to coordinate all of Florida’s various and sundry gaming factions is now saying that while the problems at hand remain complex, he intends to get this casino plane ‚off the ground.‘

He’ll have their work cut out for him, no matter how many lobbyists give him early Xmas presents. Florida’s compact with the Native American Seminole tribe gives that group exclusive liberties to popular and high-end (in other words., really profitable) table games like baccarat and blackjack. The 2010 compact did not encompass craps or roulette, and requires the Seminoles to spend $250 million a to florida through 2015 year. From then on, tribal leaders are not planning on backing down easily; Seminole Gaming CEO Jim Allen reportedly told scouts from Sands and Genting when they first began their push two years ago that ‚[it shows] a Seminole lady on here, that’s perhaps not somebody from Las Vegas,‘ referring to images on the Florida state flag.

And there is yet more complicated political waltzes going on in the Sunshine State, because former Governor Charlie Crist has decided he wants his old task straight back, meaning he would have to unseat governor that is current Scott come November. Adelson, of course, has been known to throw his weight via his bankroll around within an election or two, and with Scott since the Republican incumbent (Crist was also Republican back as he had been governor, but has since switched to first being an Independent, and now a Democrat), Scott no question could use the Sands CEO’s support.

Towards the final end, Scott had a conference with Adelson in Las Vegas right after using office in 2011, at which time he advertised to be in benefit of resort casinos in their state. Throwing even more fire onto this already incendiary situation is the truth that the Seminole tribe donated a very good half-million to Scott’s rebid campaign last year: the largest single political donation designed for the season. Talk about being drawn in two directions.

Lines in the s that are sand(

And the battle lines happen drawn elsewhere, too: and in addition, entrenched Florida icon Walt Disney Co. has made their views loud and clear on the opposition to casino expansion in the continuing state, and backed it up with $1.7 million spread among legislators over the last couple of years. Professionals predict campaign contributions are certain to get even more excessive, so that you can match Adelson’s almost limitless budget that is political bring lawmakers around. In fact, the COO associated with the operating supply behind the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach says he expects all of it to show into ‚ a major food fight‘ before the election year is over.

Of course, there is always a naysayer, and Senator Gwen Margolis (D-Miami) has already developed a bill to place an end towards the lobbying some would say madness that is vote-buying. She wants to end the ’sea of money [that] was sloshing into the campaign coffers‘ and states only a statutory law against it’s going to do the trick. Deemed the Public Confidence in Gaming Act, we want her the most truly effective of fortune in getting this thru. It probably appears nearly as good a chance of which makes it as positively absolutely nothing.

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