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Some leave the profession, others obwarują be on the safe position „I am here only teach“ others still costs me stress depressive states. Naturally there will be some who in all these problems will give cope, but for now it will be more a matter of their individual resistance than professional preparation and support received in the workplace. I want to emphasize that I only signals a phenomenon that observe every day in school, and about which I hear repeated in relations with other institutions. Not pursuing the reasons, though of course I have my views on this subject. I do not give a remedies, because I see no simple solutions. For now, just pointing out the problem, proposing that everyone looked around your backyard and if it observes a phenomenon described by me, wondered how you can go locally to meet him. The shortcomings of the current reform has been written very much. However, what it is the worst, it’s a huge waste of time and waste of human energy. Over the next few years we will be in schools focus on catching equilibrium after the shock, I decided to pay us power. We will fight to keep the surface of the ocean imposed on us trouble, such as migration between institutions, students and teachers, hundreds of simultaneous implementation of the new rules, a constant search for answers to the question: – What will happen tomorrow? It’s all instead of thinking how to meet the real challenges of today. And also because, Dear Employers, do not expect too much from the future graduate reformed by Ms Zalewska. Houston, we have a (new school) problem! You have to think quickly what to do with it. For help from the authorities not count, but maybe this is the challenge for us, if we feel the citizens ?! Note about the author: Jaroslaw Pytlak is the director of the School of STO Bemowo in Warsaw and founder and editor of the quarterly pedagogical and social Around School. Pedagogical activity engaged in by all his adult life. 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Send (); }); / ** / Modern education is not an empty slogan. This means not only use in the process of teaching / learning more interesting didactically digital devices, but also a significant change in the consciousness of those responsible for education. With Witold Kołodziejczykiem, director of the Collegium Futurum school in Slupsk talks Anna Raczyńska. Anna Raczyńska: Mr. Director, as the name suggests, the Lord directs the School of the Future. So let’s define the future for which the school prepares its students. Witold Kołodziejczyk: It is above all the future obligations for the human obligation to have such competence that will enable it to function well in unpredictable reality. Because we live in a world that is constantly changing. We do not know how it will look in five years, so it is difficult to say what will be for fifteen years. And that’s the whole dilemma of modern education, which should equip the student with the ability to cope with the world elusive unambiguous definitions. AR: European Parliament described the 8 key competences, to some extent, so that tells today need to equip the student. WK: only in the general sense of the word. The school itself must translate the European Parliament’s recommendations into concrete objectives and actions. We Collegium Futurum put on competence use their mother tongue; the correct, communicative Polish. But we also want to educate the ability to search and formulation of new ideas in various fields of human activity. This competence is neglected. And only thanks to the creativity and innovation we can think about modernizing the reality – that which surrounds us and that which seems remote. The free movement in the complexities of modern technology. AR: Innovation and creativity are still trendy keywords. The question of whether Poland is prepared education to ensure that students develop in these special skills? WK: Unfortunately, the current educational model does not fit the outside world. The school is preparing to live in a world that no longer exists. A student works today not only in school, in fact real, but virtual. And even in this last great moves. And we just want all these areas – school, extracurricular and integrate virtual. The best tool that will serve this method is work projects. And that’s why we put on it. Nothing is better not to engage the student does not learn self-defining and problem-solving. If a young man has independently put forward a hypothesis, and then, through the selection, verify the information gathered, it means that preparing for such activity, which today is essential. School grew a huge competition in the form of the Internet, thematic channels, educational programs. Research shows that 80 percent of young people are ready to give up television for the Internet, and the school as if it could not see at all. AR: Give war habits that the student has acquired in the earlier years of education, is not an easy task. WK: Our exploration focused mainly on the choice of teaching content and how to reach them to the student. Various studies show that the key to the smooth functioning of society in the future is a critical approach to information processing and formulation of new concepts. A feature of youth is curiosity and inquisitiveness. We must therefore take advantage of this natural tendency of young people and put before them ever more complex problems to solve. Feature of the present youth are also the competence, which the older generation, called digital immigrants, has yet to learn. It is after all a generation that has grown up in the digital technology. So when it reaches these tools in a very natural way. Time, therefore, that this potential and use. Especially, that knowledge does not have to be in us. It must be available quickly. AR: The implementation of such a model school, however, requires a radical change in the philosophy of education. Lord is ready for this? WK: It’s already done. The basis of the assumptions described and the school is to move away from the traditional method of classroom type: lecture and test knowledge and to move away from the traditional relationship teacher – student. Education in the traditional sense is no longer effective. To equip the student well and prepare him for the demands of life in modern society, the teacher must put before him a specific problem, the student, using the supplied him and multimedia educational programs must try to solve it. AR: Is the new role of the teacher is modeled on the British tutorze, or rather bad association? WK: We want the teacher was not only a living encyclopedia, and therefore the source of knowledge, but also a guide in the world of science, culture and helper in planning personal development. The teacher must be ready for a completely different relationship with the student. It’s not because he and the student will often decide on the need to meet and talk about the problems that have arisen in the course of work on the project. Contrary to appearances, this situation creates both an opportunity and a chance to rebuild the lost prestige since becoming the arbiter, it becomes at the same time for the student authority. The more that overseeing its development, will be able to show him the meaning of learning. Its use in a specific project and the specific situation. We have educational programs, provided by Young Digital Planet, which are very helpful in achieving these goals. And when a student discovers the true meaning of learning, understands that when something is taught, not for someone or something … AR: I believe it will be also covered classics? State convince students that knowledge Sienkiewicz’s novel may have a practical use? WK: Of course. Analysis of literary work was carried out so far grated track. For decades they amplified the same pattern. All subsequent generations describe so romantic hero, the idea of ​​organic work. We will set before a student the task of writing the screenplay educational game or a cartoon, for example, based on the novel by Boleslaw Prus. To perform this task, he will have to read the text differently than before. More carefully, to grasp the main idea, the fundamental conflicts and – making certain choices – make your own, full of all the drama. You admit that you can not then go to abstracts. Moreover, while such work the student is forced to identify with a specific idea of ​​reading the work. And in this way you can lead classes in history and other subjects. The whole idea of ​​the project consists in the fact that we define a subject, indicate content that will be used in the project and determine the skills needed to complete its implementation. I note the full, because the student must also present the project, defend assumptions, and that means that the number of wins the next competence. AR: It must, however, also gain the knowledge needed to pass the external examination, which prefers the „key“, not creativity. WK: It is true that in the process of education we break with traditional teaching. We integrate knowledge. We create cross-curricular projects. Time student’s work will be organized according to the principle – every 45 minutes another object, another teacher, other rules. No. We create a situation in which the student focuses not on time, but a specific problem. In the system of the lesson will take place just learning foreign languages. These projects, however, are created with the cooperation of our school teachers and academics. Preparing a set of concrete, take into account the contents of the core curriculum. So there is not any danger. The more that the method of working on a project to better https://studybays.me/ understand acquired knowledge than the traditional method, because once the student sees the opportunity to use the acquired information. He does not teach „under examination“, just to solve a particular problem. AR: The innovative idea of ​​the school is trying to accomplish in the Lord, the rights of the county, away from the center and high unemployment. You will find it educational partners? Teachers, parents, students, who broke with the conventional approach to school? WK: My return from Warsaw to Slupsk results from the fact that twenty years ago, right here assumed non-public school with a very high public concern and full approval. Site selection is therefore not a coincidence. Even then there was the desire to break the state monopoly on education and upbringing. It formed part of the city so modern educational models. This is not the world that do not reach innovation. What’s more, our teachers participate in the project „E-Academy of the Future.“ And the fact of the existence of high unemployment makes more and more people thinking about what to do to guard against such a fate of their own children. And they know that they need to invest in modern education. AR: But it is a costly investment. WK: In fact, the cost may be a barrier, because in this school have to pay. But please tell me if not tutoring cost? Is language courses, additional courses are free of charge? Who uses them? Use of public school students. We participate in fiction. It gives you a chance to free learning, but this offer state needs to be supplemented with additional activities-paid from his own pocket. AR: And the children are likely to be in this new proposal to turn? WK: too often I thought about it. I get the impression that this is the weakest link in the chain. Polish school is not quite prepares you for work as a team to solve common problems, to independence. Poland generally sparing school student. That is why we are planning a period of adaptation. Our student will start with individual work on the project to gain the ability to search, planning, monitoring, self-discipline and self-organization; to learn how to determine their own goals and their consistent implementation. Today, it is first necessary competence. If the student does not take responsibility for their own learning process, he will not be able to take it as their way of functioning in adulthood. And that could negatively have determined his professional career. AR: Students who take science at the Collegium Futurum come from different schools, with different knowledge and different dispositions. How does the state want to create from this diverse group of well-cooperating team? WK: Each team is just that someone is more wizard, and one analyst or contractor.

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